About us

Architecture for users

We create buildings based on the needs of final users, because people are in the heart of our projects. We believe that the balance between form, function and technology is the base of good architecture and good architecture can only be respectful with the environment.

Respectful architecture

We have a long experience developing all kind of projects, residences, dwellings and public and private equipment. Experience in international projects, not only in the development of projects but also in the coordination and follow up of the different teams involved.

We understand our profession from a high-demanding attitude towards our projects and the commitment towards architecture respectful with the environment, the well being and the health of the users.

We are Passive Haus Designer licensed by the Passivhaus Institut de Darmstadt. We propose buildings very efficient energetically. We use an international standard, with a wide experience, that we adapt to our climate conditions. Our strategy is to implement passive measures to reduce drastically the demand of the buildings granting at the same time a healthy atmosphere

Deep renovation for sustainability

We are committed with the reduction of impact of climate change.

We believe that built environment need to be reconsidered to improve their energetic performance so as to make them more resilient in front of climate change.

Not only housing but also all kind of equipment have the opportunity of collaborate in that sense. In the general commitment for the reduction of CO₂, emissions, the deep renovations can allow drastic reductions of emissions.

Deep renovation benefits are not only the economical savings but also the comfort improvement, the reduction of energetic dependence, the capacity of spreading good practices, etc…

We suggest an accurate analysis of the maximum capacity of reduction of the energetic demand in every case and, once the demand has been reduced, to incorporate systems of production of renewable energy sources.



Berta Pujol

Founder on 2002 of the studio “Berta Pujol arquitectes”, Architect degree by l’ETSAB 1992-2000, Master in sustainable renovation by Escola Sert 2015-2016, “Passivhaus Designer” by Darmstadt Passivhaus Institut 2015, Course UUNN “Climate change introduction” 2014


Soledad Loyola, Architect

Irene Valls, student

Marta Coixí, student


Structural calculation:

  • Diagonal Arquitectura SLP
  • Javier Monte

MEP design and calculation:

  • TDI Enginyers
  • Ars Ingenia
  • JG Grup

Energy performance consultants:

  • Energiehaus
  • TDI Enginyers


  • Mònica Batalla